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iTools download for iOS 11.3 easy guide

Introduction to iTools Download

When it comes to managing the digital files on iOS devices, you require the application to move the file from your device to computer or vice-versa. It can be done only by using iTunes application. The iTools download is the alternative for your media management requirement. Now you do not need to rely on the old iTunes software to manage or move files from one device to another. The itools application does the similar job for you. The latest version of iTools download for iOS 11.3 can perform the task smoothly and give you easy to access feature on the go. The iTools has many other features such and backup the digital file or manages the icons on your iPhone screen by accessing it from the computer screen. Such features will give you easy operating experience. It saves lots of time in managing the device and its files.

Supported devices

iTools download application is supported by all the devices of the Apple. You can connect your iPhone, iPad and iPod device to the application and access your mobile files on the computer. It enables you to transfer the file from the mobile device to the computer without compromising the quality. The transfer process is quite fast compared to the iTunes. Once the application detects the device, you see all your files in application screen. You can move, save, download or delete the file by using your computer mouse.

Supported versions:

The all the iOS version are supported by the iTools download. You can simply download and start accessing your data by using the application. The iOS version ranging from 1 to 11 are all supported to the iTools download.

Changes log/updates of the tool or app

iTools has been upgraded to support the latest devices of Apple such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. iTools download for iOS 11.3 also available now.

Known issues:

Some users of iTools application have reported the issues with accessing the application on their windows pc. The application automatically gets shut down without any notification.

What are the questions people frequently asking? (FAQs)

Q 1) iPhone X is having trouble connecting to the iTools application. How to solve this issue?

A: The iPhone X is running on the latest process and the operating systems. The developer has upgraded the iTools application to support the iPhone X device. There might be some bugs behind the curtain which needs to be fixed. Wait for while until the new version of the iTools is released by the developer.

About iTools developers

The ThinkSky is the US-based company who developed the application for the Apple users. They have recently released the iTools download for iOS 11.3. Users from all around the globe have responded to the latest version, and it has been downloaded several times from the official website of the iTools. The company is making sure the users get the best experience.

Safety notes for users

Do not respond to the third party links or message which says you can get the iTools download for iOS 11.3 from their website. Some website claims they provide you complete software for free. These websites might have created to trapped the users by asking the personal information from the users. So ignore such message and websites completely.