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iPad Activation lock

Have you worked with an iPad Activation Lock? Most of the iDevice users have locked iDevices and they are seeking for the best tool to get a free solution for the device as well. Due you can use one of the tool to get a clear interface to access the iPad unlocking process. It is not a hard process that you can follow this complete guide to improve the knowledge about iPad Activation Lock right now.

iPad Activation Lock

What is the iCloud lock?

By now, iCloud Lock has been a big problem for all iDevice users which means iCloud is one of the best features introduced by the Apple developer for user convenience. If you are not providing login details you have to get a locked device to the hand. In other words, without recovering the locked iDevice you cannot recover your smart device easily. You can make an efficient flow to the device with this process.

More about iPad Activation Lock

There is no doubt that you can follow an easy process to get more reliable benefits to the smart device. You can enjoy the higher safe and successful process without making any troubles as well. All locked iDevice users can get the smart recovering process to the smart device to work with your device like before. Therefore it is better to get the best unlocking process to the device without any issues.

About iPad locking

You can identified the difference of iDevice locking when you are working with the smart device. Unlocking is available in the market like iCloud Unlocking and career unlocking process and most of the smart device users initially locked with the iDevices right now. You can make an easy iPad unlocking process without any issues. If you want to get the best unlocking process you can try this guide for further process.

About the safety of iPad Activation Lock

Undoubtedly, you have the ability to get the best recovering to the smart device easily and smoothly. It is a simple and friendly activation process without keeping any issues on your smart device. You can get more security for the device using one of the best tools for your locked smart device right now. You can get a complete recovering process within a few seconds.

What is the iCloud activation lock?

This is an important feature ties with Find my iPhone features introduced by the Apple developer. After enabling Find my iPhone feature which is design to find the device location, iCloud Activation Lock automatically enabled on your device. However, this iCloud Activation helps you to get a safe process to the smart device smoothly.

Finally, all iDevice users can try this perfect solution to unlock the iPad Activation Lock in a better manner. This complete guide will give the best solution for your smart device to get an amazing interface for your device smoothly. I hope you will try this smart guide to more reliable information to the smart device without wasting your time.

iCloud Unlock for iPhone

Every mobile user would love to own an iPhone, don’t you? So, many people who can not afford to buy a brand new iPhone are purchasing second-hand iPhone. Unfortunately, in most of such second-hand purchases, buyers have realized that their devices are iCloud Activation Locked. So, that they can not use their devices even though they have spent so much upon them. That is why you need to do iCloud Unlock for iPhone!This article carries about what is an iCloud Unlock, how to identify it, and what are the methods that can be used to do iCloud Unlock for iPhone.

iPhone iCloud Unlock

How to identify an iCloud Locked iPhone?

iCloud Activation Lock was introduced by the Apple manufacture in 2014 by changing the way of how iPhone accounts were made of. So, this made Apple users lock their devices to their own personal iCloud accounts.

What are these iCloud accounts? How can these accounts get locked and how to identify it? We will find out!

iCloud account basically carries two components of an Apple ID and a password. So, each time you open your iPhone, you need to provide either one of those two so that device will confirm your identity and allow you to use the device.

Thus, even you lawfully purchased an iPhone, if it asks you to provide an Apple ID and a password, that means you are stuck with an iCloud lock!

Can jailbreaking unlock the iCloud lock on iPhone?

There is a misunderstanding among Apple users that jailbreaking can lock iPhone.Do not get trapped by those rumors!

Therefore, you should know that what jailbreaking can do is only to remove software restrictions imposed by iOS manufacture. Thus, it can not unlock the iCloud Activation Lock and even to jailbreak the device, you should unlock the iCloud lock first. So, you see that jailbreaking can not unlock the iCloud lock by any chance at all!

How to choose the right iCloud Unlock for iPhone?

There are different iCloud unlocking software available in the web market which makes very difficult for you to choose what is the rightest iCloud Unlock for your iPhone.Here are some facts that you should concern before choosing an iCloud Unlock removal services.

  • Price
  • Safety and reliability
  • Speed and the time that takes to unlock the iPhone
  • Customer service
  • Reviews of customers

Below are some popular iCloud Unlock service providers for you,

Apple iPhone Unlock

This software can unlock your iPhone quickly and at the same time, its cost is also not much expensive.

Doctor Unlock

This tool takes much longer time (maximum 30 days )to unlock your iPhone yet it will deliver its services for you sure.

iPhone IMEI Net

This is a very effective iCloud Unlock service provider. You will not have to download any tool or software to your iPhone when you use this. What you have to do is just supply the IMEI number of your iPhone and that will unlock your iPhone for you. After unlocking, it will also send you a confirmation mail.

If you search the internet, you can get many more offline and online iCloud Unlock service providers than the ones mentioned here. So, be cautious and wise enough to choose the rightest one and have a safe iCloud Unlock!

iCloud Bypass with iPhone X

Introduction for iCloud Bypass with iPhone X

Do you have a problem with a locked iCloud account on newly introduced iPhone X? If you are one of them you can learn the best method of iCloud Bypass with iPhone X via this important note. Already you know iDevices has notable features designed to secure your device without any issues and all security feature ties with the iCloud store as well. By accidentally, if you lock your iCloud account without providing correct login details you must have an idea about iCloud Bypass with iPhone X. read so on this article to improve your knowledge about the iCloud bypassing process.


What is “Find my iPhone”?

This is a default feature of iDevices which helps you to find your device location when you lost your device or the stolen device. But if you enabled this feature iCloud lock feature will enable automatically. When you going to some transaction on your iDevice through your iCloud lock you have to keep your data security furthermore by providing Apple ID and password. Both features will bring amazing importance to the iDevice community.

Why you need iCloud Store?

Apple developer who is the creator of several inventions has introduced this iCloud feature on behalf of the iDevice users. With help of using the iCloud store on your iDevice, you can keep your personal data like documents, music, video, photos, PDF, etc. After creating an iCloud account separately, the developer of the iCloud will provide specific Apple ID and password to your iDevice. If you could not provide your details to access the account you have to use iCloud Bypass with iPhone X.

About the role of iCloud login details

When using the iCloud store, Apple ID and password will play a major role as credentials on the iCloud store. Both are indispensable for the iCloud account to continue your securing process on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device. As well as it has already taken the most prominent place among all other security features. You have to remember these login details always be aware of iCloud Lock issues.

More about iCloud Bypass with iPhone X

Actually, there is not a hard process that you can easily access your iCloud lock device without any issues. When you going to bypass your locked iCloud iPhone X device you have to be very careful with the bypass tool selection. Because of most of the iCloud bypassing tool released to the public by third-party services that you have to find the tool compatible with your iDevice version. Likewise, it is better to check the tool reasonability of before use to your locked device.

The possibility of bypassing iOS 11

iPhone X comes with iOS 11 version with making better performance on your smart iDevice. iOS 11 can be identified as a major turning point on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device to make a big deal on your iDevice. So no need to get any risk when you going to iCloud Bypass with iPhone X due to there is plenty of bypassing tools available in the market. The selected bypassing tool will give a perfect experience to the end user.

Is there any reliability process?

There is the best and trustworthy tool available in the public to get the best results from your bypassing tool. You can bypass your iCloud lock device using the IMEI code or factory unlock to your device. Comparing with other bypassing tools this IMEI method will bring some safety flow to your iDevice smoothly.

About the process of iCloud Bypass with iPhone X

In the real sense of the word, iCloud will help you to enjoy a lot with your smart device which means that allows to perform various tasks on your iDevice without any mess. No worries that you have experience or not the selected bypassing tool help you to reach the best part of your iCloud on your iPhone X without facing any risk.

iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2

Absolutely the iTools works with the iOS 12.1.2 The iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2 variation is recently upgraded by the iTools group to have the most effective iOS handling experience to the Apple customers with the most recent launch of iOS 12.1.2. iOS 12.1.2 can be run as an updated variation of iPad, iPhone or iPod as well as the iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2 is able to manage every one of the designs of iDevices which are running the iOS 12.1.2. The iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2 obtained the capability to handle iPhone X as well as the iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus with a recent update.

iTools iOS 12.1.2

iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2

Because various other options are not excellent options for iTunes, iTools is understood as the best alternative for iTunes. The iTools 4 iOS 12 stay clear of most of the drawbacks of iTunes as I stated listed below.

What iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2 can do even more than iTunes?

The iTools is a lightweight and basic application which needs less amount of power resources to execute on iPhone handling. On the various another hand, the iTools is only doing the task of managing iOS data. The iTools 4 iOS version is not doing any type of kind of advertising campaign with the iTools.

Why iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2?

The iTools can handle all kind of iPhone information such as pictures, video clips, sound, podcasts, flicks, PDF, text files and also etc. also the iTools has the drag and also decline feature for copy and also relocate files between the iDevice and the computer. So you do not need any kind of kind of exporting or importing techniques to share data on iOS-based tools. The other fact needs to take into consideration is the iTools iOS 12.1.2 variation information movement device. The information migration to permits customers to share data in between two Apple iPhone in order to make a complete information sharing. If you need to share your old iPhone, iPad information to the new Apple iPhone or iPad, the iTools iOS 12.1.2 information movement device is the optimal approach to do that.

Features of iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2

The file explorer is the main attribute of iTools 4. You can watch, modify, move or remove any of folder and files with the iTools file traveler device. Ringtone maker is an impressive tool and also it is a most popular device of iTools.

How to download iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2

You can download the iTools newest version of the iTools official web site. Select your installer according to your os. If you have Windows PC, download the iTools for Windows and if you have Macintosh PC make sure to download and install the iTools for Mac version.

Latest iTools Update [ 2019 ] – iTools 4 Download Free

iOS is one of the major reason why people love Apple. And people love iOS because there are so many new things and Apple uses their latest technology to update iOS as well. Anyhow there are thousands of different tool compatible with iOS, developed by different developers all around the world and today we are going to talk about one of them.

iTools is one of the best file management software for iOS developed by ThinkSky. In other words, it’s the best alternative for iTunes. ThinkSky released their latest iTools version iTools 4 in the recent past so in this article, we are going to talk about iTools 4 and the best ways to iTools 4 Download as well. Before we heading to iTools 4 Download, let’s talk a bit about iTools first.

Everything You Need to Know About iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download is a file managing software for iOS developed by ThinkSky. As we all know, since the beginning of the iOS there was only one file manager for iOS and it was iTunes and we have already used iTunes on our iDevices as well. But iTunes has some certain issues that users get stuck in and I have mentioned them below.

  • iTunes need high memory and performance to run and as a result of that most of the times when we run iTunes devices getting slower or sometimes get stuck as well.
  • iTunes is mainly based on marketing and advertising. So while using iTunes you have to face so many advertisements as well.

As a result of these problems, people start to look for any other file manager for iOS instead of iTunes and that’s the place ThinkSky came up with the best solution for above matters iTools and it was 100% satisfied the users as well.

Advantages of iTools 4 Download

  • First and the best advantage is iTools 4 Download is an offline tool. So you can manage your files without using the internet as well.
  • iTools is and very simple, user-friendly software and anyone can use iTools 4 without having any guidance.
  • iTools 4 Download allows you to manage almost every type of file in your iDevice including Audio, Video and every type of a Document.
  • iTools supports both Windows and MAC OS. So you can iTools 4 Download in both types of devices and manage your files easily.
  • You can download iTools 4 for 100% free of charge.
  • It also includes Backup and restores functions which helps you to save your valuable files without having any issue.

Best Way to iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download is not that hard as you think. There are so many ways to download iTools for free and you can find those methods by simply searching in your web browser. iTools 4 is a very lite software and it won’t take huge space in your hard disk and it has very simple installation process so you can download and install iTools 4 without having any guidance as well.

iTools for Windows 10 – Latest Download [ Free ]

Initially, all iDevice customers handle their iOS making use of official iTunes by default. It has advanced functions which aid you to obtain always the meaningful iPhone monitoring procedure. Today we have the best alternative to iTunes that are bored with using iTunes iPhone management. iTools is a great invention has been released to the general public by the ThinkSky group. It has actually been a prominent iPhone administration tool among iDevice customers and also most of the iDevice customers obtain an utmost management experience. iTools for Windows 10 is a presenting term by means of this write-up. If you would like to know more concerning iTools for Windows 10 follow this stunning guide with a smooth process.

iTools for Windows 10

Concerning iTools

As I pointed out prior to iTools can transfer any kind of sort of data like songs, video, image, papers, calls, messages and etc in addition to manage your iDevice. By now you have the capacity to utilize iTools for Mac, Apple watch and also Windows computers as well. It will be a terrific advantage that is expecting to collaborate with iTools. Anyhow, we are most likely to review iTools for Windows 10 Most of the iDevice customers using this iTools most current variation to handle this Windows 10 operating system and iTools 4 is the latest variation designed for iOS 11 chapter. ITools r has some stunning functions consisting of major Features.

Super Features of iTools for Windows 10

If you desire to manage your gadget via iTools using Windows 10 iTools is the finest compatible application software to your tool. As iTools most recent variations like AirPlayer, Battery master, image tool, data migration, file supervisor are some of them. You have the capability to make use of AirPlayer function as a separate application to your tool also. So if you use this iTools as soon as you will truly fall for iTools. Let’s see what are the best features of iTools using adhering to points.

  • You can create your own ringtone making use of Ringtone manufacturer.
  • You can move all types of file layouts using Data migration.
  • Save your battery life with help of Battery master function.
  • Picture tool helps to execute even more using albums.
  • You have the ability to experience the massive display with iTools Airplayer.
  • Super backup and also restore function can save your data.
  • Icon arranger aids to change your residence display.

How To Download iTools for Windows 10

Download iTools for Windows 10 is not made complex that you can start your process with no concerns. Following the guideline will assist you to download iTools to your Windows computer with efficient and effective.

  • Browse iTools brand-new variation iTools and also install guidelines. (Mac or Windows).
  • Open the downloaded tool in the new home window.
  • Use appropriate USB and link your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wait until identifying your device.
  • Click on Apps that appear in the food selection.
  • Click mount switch bottom side of the application.
  • Get the IPA data utilizing an application to finish iTools setup.

Hope you will certainly download this application using an official site as well as handle your tool in a far better fashion with presenting attributes.

Many of the iDevice individuals utilizing this iTools latest version to handle this Windows 10 operating system as well as iTools 4 is the most recent variation developed for iPhone 11 chapter. ITools r has some stunning functions including significant Features.

If you want to manage your tool via iTools utilizing Windows 10 iTools is the best compatible application software program to your tool. If you use this iTools as soon as you will actually drop in love with iTools. Let’s see what are the finest functions of iTools using the following factors.

Dr Fone Android

Out of the many tools we have been discussing so far, we will today focus on Dr Fone Android. As we have discussed many times before, Dr Fone is a very helpful series of applications that are helpful to thousands of mobile device users.

Dr Fone Android

One of the most popular mobile application developers in the world, Wonder Share, develops and markets the Dr Fone series of applications. Other than Dr Fone they own many other applications which are also much popular.

Dr Fone is released in two versions as Dr Fone iOS and Dr Fone Android. Our topic today is Dr Fone Android. As the name suggests, it is an application for Android devices. However, it is not an Android application. Though it is for the maintenance of Android devices, Dr Fone Android is a Windows and Mac application.

Therefore, you can download and install this application on your computer. Then you can manage the Android device by connecting the device to the PC.

Dr Fone Android Compatibility

Dr Fone Android latest version is compatible with most of the latest Windows and Android Operating system versions. This includes the latest Android P and Windows 10 as well. Further, the latest versions of Mac OS are also supported by Dr Fone Android.

You can download the Dr Fone trial version of all the applications for free. However, if you need to use it for a longer period, then you must register by paying a onetime registration fee to the developers.

Dr Fone Android Features

As we mentioned earlier, Dr Fone Android is not a single application. It is a series of different applications.

But, if you need to download the whole range of features at once rather than one by one, then there is the Dr Fone Android toolkit. This includes all the Dr Fone features to be installed at once.

There are many features in the Dr Fone Android toolkit. Now, let’s see what these features are.

Dr Fone Data Recover

  • This tool is useful in recovering the data you accidentally lose from your device. It is a big issue to effectively recover lost data.
  • However, Dr Fone Recover allows the users to selectively recover the lost data in a more secure manner.
  • Further, Dr Fone Android Recover is a fast tool. Therefore, further damage to the deleted data is very less.

Dr Fone Data Transfer

  • Dr Fone Android Transfer is useful in transferring data from the Android device to the PC. It is possible to do this very efficiently and quickly using Dr Fone.

Dr Fone Switch

  • One other major issue of mobile device users are switching between devices. Even though, hardware switching is easy, transferring data from device to device is not that simple.
  • Dr Fone Android Switch makes it easier to move data from one device to another.

Dr Fone Backup and Restore

  • Data is backed up to the PC from the Android device.

Dr Fone Erase

Dr Fone Unlock

Dr Fone Root

  • Rooting the device is one other major issue in Android devices. Dr Fone Android gives a safer and quicker way to root your Android device.

WebP Converter – Google Latest Image Format

With this post, we will certainly go over the WebP Converter applications and also services. As we have talked about a lot of times earlier, it is essential to use images with high quality and also low image dimension in web pages. This is where the WebP images are used. So, before talking about the WebP converters, we will certainly see what WebP images are and where they are used. It is easier to recognize why we need a WebP Converter.

WebP Converter

What is WebP Format?

Prior to reviewing of WebP Converters, let us see what the WebP images are. As we all recognize prior to around 2010, it was a large issue to have photos on a web page. It took more time to load the images than to load all the rest of the parts on a website. This triggered lots of problems amongst web individuals.

As a service, a group of programmers in Google introduced a new photo style from the existing image layouts called WebP. This style is established with compression algorithms on the various other image styles such as JPG as well as PNG. Lately, GIF was also included in the collection of images that can be converted to WebP. General WebP images are around 30% smaller sized in dimension compared to other picture styles.

  • Lossy compression– JPEG pictures can be transformed utilizing Lossy compression. The dimension of the WebP photo is around 25 to 34% smaller sized than the JPEG.
  • Lossless Compression– sustains the PNG pictures Dimension can be 26% smaller sized than the initial image.

For an additional size increase of 22 bytes, the Lossy format can support the transparency or Alpha channel also. Under specific conditions, the Lossless format may also sustain openness.

Using the WebP Layout Images

However, why would certainly we need WebP Converter applications? Regardless of how much WebP works, it is not preferred. This is due to the less support given to the photo style by internet browsers. There are just two browsers that directly sustains the WebP style.

  1. Google Chrome Web Browser
  2. Opera Web Browser

Even more, nearly none of the desktop applications sustain the WebP photos. You can not open it from Windows Photo Viewer or edit it with Adobe Photoshop if you download a WebP image.

We are in much demand of a good WebP Converter so that the WebP images can be made use of in day to day activities.

WebP Converters

There are many WebP Converters offered for you to make use of. A lot of these applications are on internet solutions. They can be made use of to publish your pictures. There are different WebP Converters

  • WebP to JPG Converters
  • WebP to PNG Converters
  • WebP to GIF Converters
  • JPG to WebP Converters.
  • PNG to WebP converters
  • GIF to WebP Converters etc.

For that reason, according to the demand, you can utilize these devices to transform back and forth develop WebP images.

There are downloadable toolsets offered by Google which can additionally be made use of as WebP Converters. This toolkit has lots of essential tools required by internet designers being used WebP pictures on their website.

Prior to going over the WebP converters, we will see what WebP photos are and where they are made use of. Prior to going over of WebP Converters, let us see what the WebP images are. As a remedy, a team of designers in Google introduced a new picture format from the existing image styles called WebP. Just recently, GIF was also added to the set of photos that can be transformed into WebP. Total WebP photos are around 30% smaller sized in size compared to other photo layouts.

Dr Fone Download

Today we will focus on one of the most popular toolkits for mobile devices, Dr Fone. There are many applications and tools for different device and data management purposes. These are mainly targeting Android and iOS mobile devices. But, out of them, we will today discuss the Dr Fone Download. We will see what Dr Fone Download is, features and compatibility of the Dr Fone Download and using it to manage your mobile devices.

Dr Fone Download

What is Dr Fone?

Dr Fone is a series of applications designed for the management of mobile devices. There are many applications included in the Dr Fone series. The whole set of applications are downloadable together in a package called, Dr Fone toolkit.

Dr Fone is not a free application. However, the developers of the applications, Wonder Share lets the users download a trial version for a limited period of time. Thereby, the users can decide whether the application they downloaded is good or bad for their requirements.

Thereafter, you can make a one-time payment to the developers to download and use either the toolkit or the separate application you require for the rest of the software lifetime.

Using Dr Fone in Your Devices

Even though Dr Fone is a mobile device manager, it is not actually a mobile application. If you want to use Dr Fone for your devices you have installed the Dr Fone in your PC. If you require the toolkit, or if you need the separate application, you have to go for Dr Fone Download through your PC. As we mentioned earlier, Dr Fone Download is not for free. Therefore, a registration fee must be paid to complete the Dr Fone Download process.

Once downloaded and installed, the application can be used on the mobile phone by connecting it to the pc through a cable. Once the phone is connected the launch the application you want to use and perform the required actions.

Compatibility and Versions

Dr Fone is in two main versions and other subversions for each operating system Currently Dr Fone supports two mobile operating systems and two PC operating systems. Dr Fone is mainly focused on Android and iOS mobile devices. Therefore, there are two different toolkits as,

  • Dr Fone for Android: Compatible up to the latest Android P
  • Dr Fone for iOS: compatible up to the latest iOS 12

They can be installed in Windows and Mac computers. Latest versions of Windows and Mac OS can support the Dr Fone latest version.

Features of the Dr Fone Download

There are many important features in the Dr Fone Toolkit. According to the mobile operating system, the features are unique.
For Android Operating systems,

  • Recover
  • Transfer
  • Switch
  • Backup and Restore applications
  • Erase
  • Unlock
  • Root

And For the iOS operating systems, features include,

  • Recover
  • Switch
  • Backup and restore
  • Transfer
  • Erase
  • Repair

Therefore, through Dr Fone download it is possible to perform many different functions on the mobile devices.

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

Today, we will find out about the iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock. There are many applications both online and downloadable as well as free and proprietary which can be used for the iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock. Therefore, it is important to know what is iPhone iCloud lock and the ways for iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock.

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock

What is an iCloud Lock?

Before understanding what iCloud lock is, let us find out what iCloud is. For every mobile operating system, there is a specific cloud service which the owners of that particular operating system will maintain. For example, Google maintains Google Drive and they use it as the cloud service for Android operating systems. Similarly, Microsoft uses One Drive as the cloud for all the Microsoft Operating systems and device users.

ICloud is the similar cloud for the Apple operating systems including, iOS and Mac OS. Mostly the users have one account for all their I Devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and Mac devices such as Mac Books. Further, there are some security features in the iCloud which are much advanced than the usual cloud services.

Here, Apple not only protects the data in their database servers, but also they have implemented some features to protect the device of the users as well. iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock is required as a result of one of these features. This security feature called iCloud lock is activated by Find my Phone feature. This feature is there to find a lost or stolen device remotely. Once activated, the lock prevents anyone without the correct Apple Account credentials from entering the device. Therefore, the data and the iCloud account is protected from third parties. Further, if the device is online, it will show the current location of the device through a map.

Why Do You Need iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock?

If it is a security measure then why would we need the applications for the iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock? This is when you get locked out of your device. If you cannot remember the credentials of the Apple account of your iPhone 6, then you would need the iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock applications.

Further, if you buy a second hand iPhone 6 from the eBay, chances are that it is locked. Then you would need the help of the iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock services to use your device without the iCloud lock screen.

iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock Services

However, there are many services to remove the iCloud lock form your iPhone 6. There are many free and paid services available. Most of the free services are not as reliable as free services. Further, security of the free services cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, the best way is to choose a well-paid service to perform iPhone 6 iCloud Unlock and thereby removing the iCloud lock safely and permanently from your iPhone 6. Further, there are very cheap services that are worth the money you spend on making your iPhone 6 usable without throwing it away. Some downloadable applications are available as well.