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Download iTools Latest Version

Download iTools – Best Alternative iDevice Manager

Through the official website of the developer, you can Download iTools for all your iOS devices. Download iTools users must pay a licensing fee with which you can activate the trial version of the iTools application. But if you want to Download iTools for free, then you can very easily find a cracked version of the iTools to be downloaded through many websites on the Internet.

Download iTools

iTools is the best alternative as advertised by them for the management of the iOS devices. In fact, it is true that it is way better to Download iTools than to use iOS default device manager, iTunes. iTunes is famous as a media store owned by the Apple Inc. But additionally, it is a Device manager as well. But it is not much popular as a device manager due to the complex user interface designed for the Advanced user community.

iTools Download

Therefore, download iTools for the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads to use it as the very simple device manager application. iTools consist of all the versatile features included in the iTunes device manager plus some more advanced features to manage your device perfectly. Further iTools has the easiest to use interface which is simple and user-friendly.

Highlight features of iTools download for iOS devices

iTools come in two different versions as iTools for Windows and iTools for Mac. Both these have the same set of features with the difference of pc compatibility.

Features in iTools 4 include,

  • Media file transfer among iOS devices and the personal computer.
  • Media files are transferred wirelessly or through a cabled connection which is faster.
  • During the transfers occurring in the background, Battery and memory usage of the iOS device is Minimum.
  • Backup and restore of the media files, photos, Documents etc.
  • Super Backup and restore of the iOS devices.
  • iTools media file converter to convert files to MP3, MP4 formats.
  • iTools ringtone maker to customize any song.
  • iTools 4 Battery Master features many Battery related options for the iOS devices.
  • Virtual Location feature to fake the GPS location is shown by the iOS devices.

Developer Think Sky Technology

iTools was developed in 2011 by the Software development group known as ThinkSky Technologies. There have been many updates to the application since it was developed. The latest version of iTools released in June 2018 is iTools which is also available to be downloaded by the official site of the developers of the iTools. iTools AirPlayer is also downloadable through the same website since it is also developed by the ThinkSky Technologies.

Download iTools for free

Cracked version of the iTools 4 is available to Download iTools for free and it is very simple. iTools full crack provides to Download iTools with the setup and the cracked license key together to install and activate the iTools setup. Further, you can download iTools cracked license key or keygen to activate the trial version of the iTools application.