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Download iTools For Device Management

If you are looking for a better alternative for the iTunes device manager you can Download iTools into the personal computer to manage the iOS devices. You can Download iTools for all the Windows computers and with the Download iTools option provided by the developer, iTools Air Player is provided as well. iTools is a device manage alternative provided with a simpler interface and advanced features than the iTunes for the use of iOS device users. When you Download iTools it is possible for you to effectively manage the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads with your Personal computer.

Download iTools

iTools Download

Download iTools, Supported Devices

You can download iTools for the personal computers in two versions.

  1. iTools for Mac
  2. iTools for Windows

Therefore, iTools only support Windows or Mac computers.

iTools support all the latest iOS devices and the older once which are still in use such as,

  • iPhone X to iPhone 3G
  • iPod Touch 6th gen and earlier versions
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini all the latest and earlier versions with the supported OS.

Supported OS

For PC there are two operating systems as Windows and Mac supported by the iTools. But iTools supports only,

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • And Windows Vista Operating Systems
  • And Mac OS high Sierra upgrade and earlier versions.

When it comes to iOS devices iTools support iOS 11.4.1 released lately and it is the latest iOS 11 upgrade. Therefore, all the latest devices are also supported. But iOS 12 Beta version released recently is not yet fully supported by the iTools and most users expect a larger update for the iOS 12 support in iTools, hopefully, iTools 5 or something.

Latest updates/ Changes log

iTools latest versions are iTools 3 and iTools 4.

iTools 3 was released in around 2016 and could support the iOS 10 and earlier versions. This can still be downloaded from some sites. iTools 4 is the latest iTools version and it is extending support to iOS 11.4.1. iTools has many added features in its latest download and is very popular among iOS 11 device owners. Certain features such as the Virtual location are some of the added features. iTools released in June 2018 as the latest version of iTools 4 with performance improvements.

How to use iTools?

You can download iTools licensed version through the developer’s website. Then install it, register the product and run the application. Then the iOS device must be connected to the computer. Once connected all the cool features of iTools can be used in the iOS device of yours

So, does it require jailbreaking?

iTools does not require your device to be jailbroken to use with the application. All the independent features can be used with a non – jailbroken device easily.

Is there a free way to download iTools?

Download iTools for free with any of the cracked versions provided by many developers on the Internet.

Developers of the iTools are Think Sky Technology and they hold the copyrights to download the iTools application for your devices.

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