Interesting Features of Latest iTools 4 Application For iOS Devices

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Hello world, we today I’m here with lots of information about iTools 4 features. So read the content carefully and we are 100% sure that you’ll get much useful information by the end of this great article. But before going further, I would like to give you an explanation about iTools 4.

What is iTools 4?

iTools 4 is basically the most matching replacement for the official in-built application iTunes. Which means we are capable of doing all the things that we used to do with iTunes app from this amazing iTools 4 too. iTools 4 gives you complete access to the iDevice file system and also it offers you a great feature which can be used to organize your media library. So likewise there are many uses of using the iTools 4 application. Now let’s head to our main topic of today.

Features Of iTools 4 Application


  • iTools 4 Data Migration

Data migration means transferring data from a device to another. This feature is more important when you brought a new iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch because everyone prefers their old images/ audios/ videos/ documents/ etc. to transfer to their new device. Which helps you to get your personal data to your new device.

  • iTools 4 Image Tool

The main duty of this tool is to transfer images between the iPhone device and windows/ Mac computers. It can be done with more than one iOS device too. With iTools 4 you can preview your photos with the same resolution of the original image which means, sharing or transferring images won’t let any changes in the resolution. The tool also has a great and that is organizing the order of images/ sending images among other files and folders/ editing photo albums or even editing images.

  • iTools 4 Ringtone Maker

What if you are able to create your own ringtone? That would be great, isn’t it? So that is exactly what iTools 4 brings you with this amazing feature. Now you can record audio/ sound clips or create any ringtone as you like. The most interesting part is you can also make voice recordings and make them as the default ringtone on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch device.

  • iTools 4 Icon Arranger

This is the tool that helps you to manage all the icons available on your iPhone through a pc. If you have many icons on your home screen, what you have to do is just connect your iDevice to a PC which has iTools 4 downloaded in it. Then open the application and start arranging your icons as you want. You can place them where you want or if you find some icons unwanted, then you can remove them from your screen too.

  • iTools 4 File Manager

When it comes to file managing, iTools 4 application does a great work by allowing you to edit/ remove/ add etc. any of your file or a folder. And not only that it gives you the drag and drop facility which helps you when deleting or engaging data and information among computer and iPhone.

  • iTools 4 AirPlayer Download

This is another great feature provides by the iTools 4 application. AirPlayer app allows you browse the web/ play games/ editor documents/ watch videos etc. and not only that, you can share your iPhone screen with a bigger screen/ screen mirroring and you and remote control your device with this features.


These are the main features of the iTools 4 application which I wanted to share with you. I really hope you found some interesting new things about iTools 4 that surely made you more knowledgeable about this application.

Developer Credits

The developer of this amazing software application is ThinkSkySoft. So they are the mastermind behind this product. I take this moment to thank the developers. We really appreciate your hard work towards the iOS community.

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