iTools For Mac

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Download iTools for Mac and explore its incredible features

The iTools is now available for the Mac, and when you get this application installed onto the Mac, it is going to help you in managing any of your iDevices including your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad content. Download iTools for Mac so that you would see that it is an alternative to the iTunes. What you would see as you use the iTools on your Mac is that it would bring you information about your iOS devices such as its model, the place where you bought it and the time, the expiry date of the warranty and the percentage of the battery that remains. You would even be able to see the serial number of your device, the version of the operating system and track the space on your disk. Thus, you could easily manage the space on your device. In this case, you could have an idea of how much of space you could allocate in saving data on your device. The application is also very helpful when it comes to importing and exporting songs, videos, e-books, and messages. You could also easily have access to the contact list on your device and also keep track of your sent messages and received messages. Download iTools for Mac as it manages updates allowing you to enjoy all latest features and also if you share several accounts or devices, you could easily synchronize content.

How else is the Download iTools for Mac going to benefit?

Once you get the iTools for Mac, you will see that it will help you tremendously to manage your iOS desktop. You could easily reorganize your desktop by making changes to the applications, and you could group the applications into subfolders. The iTools application is powerful than the iTunes, and it brings you more than the iTunes. It is supportive of organizing the music clips, video clips, and other applications between your device and your Mac. Download iTools for Mac will bring you plenty of advantages.

Getting started

You will have to be sure of the compatibility of your desktop software and the iOS firmware. You will have access to the entire file system of your iDevice. The ability to synchronize images, audio files, videos and other stuff is the other great advantage. You also have the possibility of making notes, calendar entries and editing contents. So, the steps that you will have to follow includes getting your iTools for Mac installed in the proper way and allowing the tool to get next the driver packages installed. Next, you will have to use a USB lightning cable and connect the iDevice. Next, you would see that the tool detects the attached mobile device during the next few minutes. After few minutes have been passed, the general interface will be displayed with multiple options. Next is the time to explore all available features.


Download iTools for Mac and enjoy all its features on your Mac. Have fun!