iTools For Windows 10

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iTools For Your iDevice With Windows

iTools is the toolkit developed in 2011 by the ThinkSky Technology. There are several revisits of the iTools ever since as iTools 2, iTools 3 and iTools 4. The latest version of this is iTools released in April 2018.iTools comes in two separate forms for your Windows and Mac device as iTools for Mac and iTools for Windows. iTools are designed for the purpose of replacing the iTunes device management software in your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch device. iTunes is the default device management application in all iOS devices. The developers of iTunes are the Apple Inc themselves and it is undoubtedly one of the most useful and essential apps in your iOS here to download:iTools For Windows 10.

Then why are we talking about an alternative to iTunes? If you are familiar with the iTunes you sure know that iTunes is not the most user-friendly application for your iPhone or iPad. It can be pretty annoying at times because of the sheer complexity. We are not implying that iTunes is not productive. But it needs a lot of gets used to if you actually want it to be productive. And one other issue related to iTunes is that the Apple device users feel trapped with the only option of Device Management applications as iTunes. Most users like to customize their iPhone as they are familiar. But iTunes does not allow much of a customization easily. Not without jail-breaking your iPhone anyway.

This is why we go for the best available alternative for the iTunes called iTools. iTools is the latest version with many advanced technical features which will make your life much easier than ever. iTools support Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista and Windows 10. Windows 10 is the latest Windows version and is what we use up to date. So, it is very important that iTools are supported by Windows 10. All the iTools versions not only the latest version available are designed to support Windows 10. So now let’s see the highlight features of the latest version of iTools. iTools is also a basic device management software but it can make your life much easier with your iOS device.

It has a very simple interface almost close to your Windows Explorer and it has all the essential versatile features in the iTunes application.iTools allows you to transfer media files from your Windows 10 computer and the iOS device. Once the iTools is installed you can connect your iPhone to your Windows 10 pc and start transferring files. Application manager section of iTools for Windows 10 allows you to install, uninstall and arrange the icons of Applications in your iPhone in ways you require. You can customize the view of your iOS device in this way.

Also, there are some additional features such as iTools air Player, iTools Ringtone Maker, iTools Battery Master, iTools System Clean up and Optimization techniques etc. to improve your experience with your iPhone or any other iOS device.

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