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iOS is one of the major reason why people love Apple. And people love iOS because there are so many new things and Apple uses their latest technology to update iOS as well. Anyhow there are thousands of different tool compatible with iOS, developed by different developers all around the world and today we are going to talk about one of them.

iTools is one of the best file management software for iOS developed by ThinkSky. In other words, it’s the best alternative for iTunes. ThinkSky released their latest iTools version iTools 4 in the recent past so in this article, we are going to talk about iTools 4 and the best ways to iTools 4 Download as well. Before we heading to iTools 4 Download, let’s talk a bit about iTools first.

Everything You Need to Know About iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download is a file managing software for iOS developed by ThinkSky. As we all know, since the beginning of the iOS there was only one file manager for iOS and it was iTunes and we have already used iTunes on our iDevices as well. But iTunes has some certain issues that users get stuck in and I have mentioned them below.

  • iTunes need high memory and performance to run and as a result of that most of the times when we run iTunes devices getting slower or sometimes get stuck as well.
  • iTunes is mainly based on marketing and advertising. So while using iTunes you have to face so many advertisements as well.

As a result of these problems, people start to look for any other file manager for iOS instead of iTunes and that’s the place ThinkSky came up with the best solution for above matters iTools and it was 100% satisfied the users as well.

Advantages of iTools 4 Download

  • First and the best advantage is iTools 4 Download is an offline tool. So you can manage your files without using the internet as well.
  • iTools is and very simple, user-friendly software and anyone can use iTools 4 without having any guidance.
  • iTools 4 Download allows you to manage almost every type of file in your iDevice including Audio, Video and every type of a Document.
  • iTools supports both Windows and MAC OS. So you can iTools 4 Download in both types of devices and manage your files easily.
  • You can download iTools 4 for 100% free of charge.
  • It also includes Backup and restores functions which helps you to save your valuable files without having any issue.

Best Way to iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download is not that hard as you think. There are so many ways to download iTools for free and you can find those methods by simply searching in your web browser. iTools 4 is a very lite software and it won’t take huge space in your hard disk and it has very simple installation process so you can download and install iTools 4 without having any guidance as well.

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