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iCloud Bypass Full Guide

The basic introduction for iCloud Bypass process

When the iCloud account gives the most annoying issue for the end user the iCloud locked issue, in the past there is no any option for the end users to handle this messy situation. Among the millions of iOS users already finding the best option for this annoying iCloud locked issue. The best option iCloud bypass process is now in the public for this issue of iCloud locked. With the help of iCloud bypass process, any user can easily solve this issue under more secure and efficient way. Moreover, this is the only and best option for this annoying issue.


iCloud Bypass software 2018

iCloud Bypass

More about iCloud Bypass process

The iCloud Bypassing tool is a specialized online tool which is runs according to a special kind of algorithm pattern. This tool is completely online based tool. Without any simple kind of download or installation process, any user can easily work with this process right now. In the public, there is the number of fake and junk iCloud Bypassing tools are available and those tools mainly give annoying issues for the end users. But the official online iCloud Bypassing method is completely secure and trustworthy process for the end users right now.

How does the iCloud Bypass process run?

This iCloud Bypassing process is running with the IMEI number of the iDevice. The user just has to know the IMEI number of the iDevice to start the process. iPhone iCloud unlock, iPad iCloud unlock issues are complete can solve with this amazing tool right now. The iCloud Bypass process is a complete secure process and complete legal process. When pointing to the end result of this tool, its complete guaranteed to be the success.

How to choose the best iCloud Bypass tool?

Among the thousands of iCloud Bypass tools in the public user just have to choose the very best of all. Because it is much important for the iOS user.

Time which is spent for the iCloud unlock process –

Normally the iCloud unlock process gets maximum 2h. But some annoying tools get more than two weeks for the iCloud Bypass process. Because of this reason user just have to keep in mind to check the time spend for the iCloud Bypassing process.

Check whether the service is paid or free –

When the user choosing the right iCloud Bypass tool, a user must have to point to this special point. Some tools are complete junk and fake and they waste the money as well as the time. When the user using the payment method of the iCloud Bypassing tool, that user must have to keep on eye in that, because some tools didn’t give the correct service for the end users, but they charge from the users as well.

Check the bypassing method

Right now there is a number of ways of bypassing methods among them iCloud Bypass method with IMEI number via online process is the most secure way. When the user choosing the tool for the bypass method that user may have to choose a tool which runs with the IMEI number of the iDevice.

How to use the iCloud Bypass process?

The iCloud Bypass process is completely secure and trustworthy process. Because this process hasn’t any kind of download or installation process. Completely online this process runs with the iDevice. When the user applies the IMEI number of the iDevice to the online web tool, its unlock the iDevice within a moment. When comparing with other iCloud Bypassing tools this is the very best of all.

iTools iPhone

iTools iPhone

iTools iPhone – The Best iPhone Manager You Can Find!

As an iPhone user, you might already be quite familiar with iTunes, the official device manager for iOS devices. However, you must also know that iTunes is sometimes difficult to work with and can even possibly cause data losses during data transfers with iTunes syncing. These problems posed by iTunes is the reason that iTools iPhone has been designed, so that it may provide you with a better working environment to manage your iPhone or iOS device using your PC.

iTools iPhone

iTools iPhone

Like iTunes, iTools iPhone is primarily designed to be a device manager for iOS devices where it allows you to handle all kinds of content on your iPhones such as images, videos, audios, files, texts, PDFs and even contacts. The iTools application is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and one of its major advantages is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to set up the application. The latest version, iTools 4 comes both as a free trial version as well as paid versions that offer unlimited functionalities that may be restricted on the free version.

Another plus point is that iTools iPhone includes tons of great features and tools that are specially designed to provide you with the best iPhone managing tool available today. Some such notable features are listed below.

  • iTools Battery Master: Provides all data on battery health.
  • Data Migration Tool: Share data between 2 or more iOS devices.
  • Icon Manager Tool: Manage icons on your iPhone screen.
  • iTools 4 Ringtone Maker: Customize and create your own ringtones.
  • Image export and import: Import into or remove images from your iPhone using iTools iPhone.
  • iTools AirPlayer: Use screen mirroring, recording etc. to interface iPhone screen with PC.
  • Backup and restore: Valid for video, audio and image data.

Setting up iTools iPhone on your device

As mentioned previously, iTools iPhone is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system and can be easily obtained from its parent site, ThinSkySoft.com. If you want to set up iTools 4 with your device then here’s what you should do.

Step 1: Check compatibility

In order to successfully install iTools, your PC should meet the following requirements.

  • OS: Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) 8.1/8/7/10/Vista OR Mac- OS X 10.8 and above.
  • CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel.
  • RAM: 256 MB or above.
  • Disk Space: 40MB.

If your PC satisfies these requirements then you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Download and install iTools iPhone

Visit the iTools official website and download the free iTools application. After that, proceed with the installation as directed by the application.

Step 3: Activate your account

After the installation, you need to connect your iPhone to your PC using a proper USB cable. All versions of iPhone are compatible with iTools so you shouldn’t have any issues there. Now all you have to do is wait for iTools iPhone to recognize your device and if everything has been properly completed then you should be directed into the home screen of your newly activated iTools application.

Developer Credits

iTools iPhone is developed and distributed by ThinkSky Technology with the latest version being released on April 2018.

iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download Tips

iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download is possible through major ways. One is the official iTools 4 Download through the site of the developer by paying an initial licensing fee to buy the two license keys of the iTools 4. This is the most ethical and the legal way of iTools 4 Download since the copyrights of the developer are not violated and the user ethics are kept in place. There is, of course, the cracked iTools 4 Download as well which is made available by many providers on the Internet. This iTools 4 Download is completely or almost free of charge. Therefore, you do not have to pay any licensing fee for the cracked iTools 4 Download. Once the setup is downloaded through the official website of the developer, it is possible to activate the trial version of the application through the cracked license key of the iTools 4. Some cracked versions provide another small application called a keygen to generate the activation keys for the trial version of iTools 4.

iTools 4 Download

It is not very different to have the licensed or the unlicensed iTools 4 Download once you have activated the product. Therefore, there are some highlight features in iTools which enable the users with the maximum user experience such as,

  • Free lifetime upgrades to the application done automatically.
  • Free technical support for the users worldwide.
  • The application is provided in many different languages. The two main languages in use are Chines and English versions of iTools 4.
  • Two separate versions for iTools 4 Download, for the different operating systems. The two operating systems that are supported by are Windows Operating System and Mac operating system. Therefore, there are two versions as,
  1. iTools 4 for Windows
  2. iTools 4 for Mac

What is iTools 4 Download?

iTools is a desktop application designed for the management of iOS mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Therefore, it is an alternative to the default iOS device manager iTunes. iTunes is an application and a media store owned by the Apple Inc. iTunes media store is a very popular application. But the same cannot be said about the iTunes device manager. It has a bit complex interface with a set of controls designed for the advanced user community. Therefore, the users try to look for better alternatives all the time.

So far, the best possible alternative is the iTools. It is not a free solution. but the money would be well spent on iTools because it makes the life of the iOS device users much easier. It contains a very simple interface and a series of many unique features to manage the iOS mobile devices through the PC.

Latest versions of iTools

iTools was first introduced in around 2010 and ever since it has been evolving with the new iOS versions and the new user requirements. The latest version of iTools is iTools 4 released in late 2017 along with the iOS 11 and the iPhone X. There have been many changes in that as well up to the most recent iTools 4 Download available as iTools

iCloud Bypass

What is iCloud Bypass?

iCloud Bypass process now using by the users who need to unlock any iDevice which happen to lock due to the iCloud locked issue. Right now this process is mainly use by the users who have to face number of issues regarding the iCloud locked issue. Right now there are number of iCloud Bypass tools available in the public and most of the tools are just fake and give annoying issues for the end users. Because of the annoying issues found because of the bypassing tools users have many doubts regarding the iCloud Bypass process. But now the official iCloud Bypass process is now in the public and without any mess any user can easily handle the bypassing process with the help of this tool right now.


iCloud Bypass

iCloud Bypass

More about iCloud Bypass Process?

The latest iDevices are now released to the public, and mostly users have been also have to face the iCloud locked issue because of unwanted tasks done trough the iDevices. But now those issue is not valid anymore. The online iCloud Bypass process is now in the public and this tool is the most success way to done this complex process right now. This tool is complete online tool. Without any mess any user can do this process right now. This process is complete online process. Without any mess any user can use this process right now. Because there’ s no any download or installation process on this tool and without any technical support any user can easily do this process right now.

Reasons for iCloud Bypass Process

The iCloud Bypass process have number of reasons. If any user have to face these issues, the only way to get rid from these issues is iCloud Bypass process. Right now this process is now using by over millions of users to overcome from the iCloud locked issue. Moreover this process is complete secure for the end users right now.

Purchasing a second hand iDevice

Second hand iDevices are mainly use by most of the iDevice users. If any user buying a second hand iDevice that user may have to know the Apple ID first. Without it any user cannot use the iDevice according to the choice of the users, because of this reason some users have to brick the iDevice forever in past years. But now this issue is complete changes because of the iCloud Bypass with IMEI number process.

Forgetting the Apple ID and the Passcode

The Apple ID and the passcodes are much important points for the Apple iDevice users to take the maximum use of the iDevice, because all the process are run under the Apple ID and the passcode. Right now they become the key factors for the security level of the iDevice. If any user forget the Apple ID and the passocdes at the same time that will be a huge mess for the end users, in recent year’s users have to bricked forever the iDevice. But now it’s complete changed because of this outstanding process. With the help of the IMEI number of the iDevice any user can easily manage the whole device within second.

How to use iCloud Bypass Process?

The iCloud Bypass process is now complete user friendly process. Without any mess any user can easily work with this tool and this tool is the most secure way to get the end result right now. iCloud Bypass is complete online process which is based with the IMEI number of the iDevice. So without any deep information users can easily get the end result right now.

iTools for iOS 12

The iTools latest version was released in June 2018 as iTools This version contained many improved features that were not seen in its earlier version, iTools 3. iTools 4 had the compatibility to work with iOS 11.4. It is the latest iOS version released so far. But the 12th version of the iOS, iOS 12 was announced on June 4th, 2018 and released its beta version on 26th June 2018. Therefore, people expect to see the real iOS 12 in around early September with the next product launch of the Apple Inc. You can now download the iOS 12 developer beta or the iOS public beta. But the stability of these versions is not guaranteed. Developer version is more likely to get updates than public beta. There are still debates about the iTools for iOS 12. Many people believe that there may be a major iTools upgrade soon as the iTools for iOS 12. Apple has provided many great features with the iOS 12 upgrade. But up to now there is no information of any improvement suppose to happen in the iOS 12 proper release at least.

iTools for iOS 12

So even after iOS 12 is released we would then need iTools for iOS 12. Usually, iTools come up with the latest upgrades to enhance the performances of the iTools and to be compatible with each new iOS version. Therefore, for iOS 12 also the next big upgrade expected will be iTools for iOS 12. So, hopefully, even after the next big update, we will be able to use iTools for iOS 12 in the Windows computers and Mac computers easily to manage your iOS 12 devices as well, Therefore, we will have to be a bit patient for the next major update to use in new iOS 12 version. People who already have installed iOS beta version can try to use iTools for their device, but since even the OS itself is not stable yet, we do not recommend experimenting with an incompatible application.

The features that are already in iTools that we expect to be improved in iTools for iOS,

  • Media transfer between the iOS device and personal computers, both Windows and Mac. This can be done connecting via Wi-Fi or across a USB cable only. Further improvements in this feature performance and speed are expected in the next upgrade.
  • iTools Air Player, which is one of the major iconic features of the iTools will also be improved hopefully. Its Screen sharing features are much important.
  • Expected support to migration all types of file formats.
  • Battery manager is expected to provide better management of other applications which consume the battery life in the background as well.
  • Improved connection speed of the devices between the computer and the iOS devices.
  • Improved accessory features such as the iTools Ringtone Maker, iTools device optimizer and so on and so forth.

Soon, the new iOS 12 will reach you soon. Therefore, let’s wait to see the features of proper iOS 12 and hopefully the next real upgrade of iTools as iTools for iOS 12.

iCloud Bypass Pro

Introduction for iCloud Bypass

iCloud Bypass is the one and only process for any iDevice user to take the locked iDevice into the hand of the user. Right now this mechanism is using by over millions of users to take the maximum use of the iDevice. This outstanding process is complete user friendly process in the public. This is complete secure and trustworthy process which can do this one without any mess right now. Right now there are number of tools are available for the bypassing process. But most of the them are complete mess and fake tools which gives negative end result for the end users.


Why iCloud Bypass is important?

iCloud is the most useful part in any iDevice right now. This feature mainly helps the users to store all the data on your iDevice. This have a certain passcode for the protection. When you access it user just have to apply that passcode. If any user forget that use just have one mechanism to use. Right now iCloud Bypass is the only option for that. Right now this process can be done without any installation process. Moreover this process is complete online and without any installation process any user can do this process, because the whole process run under the IMEI number of the iDevice. This process is complete effective and the end result is complete positive.

Reasons for iCloud Bypass process

Right now there are three main ways for the iCloud Bypass process. if any user get lost the Apple ID, Forgetting the passcode and the Apple ID, or user purchasing a second-hand iDevice. Those three issues are the main reason for the iCloud Bypass process. In past time there’s no any option or this issue. But after the time the best option bypassing process come to the public.

What is iCloud Bypass and Carrier unlock?

iCloud Bypass and carrier unlock are tow mechanisms. iCloud Bypassing is unlocking the locked iCloud account in your iDevice. The Carrier unlock is quite differ from this. Carrier unlock means your iDevice is locked to a certain carrier service provider. This carrier unlock process is differ from service provider. When you insert a sim to the iDevice if that cannot be use there is a carrier lock in your iDevice.

Legal status of iCloud Bypass Process

The iCloud Bypassing process is the only option if any user needs to unlock any iCloud account of your iDevice. Right now this process is mainly use by the developers of the iOS also. Because this process doesn’t harm the device or damage to the operating system of the iDevice. Because of this reason iCloud Bypassing via IMEI number is now complete legal process for the end users.

How to complete the online iCloud Bypass Process?

The iCloud Bypass process is complete online and easy to do right now. This online tool is now in the ultimate level. Right now this process completely run under the IMEI number of the iDevice and user just have to enter the IMEI number and the iDevice model to start the process.