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iTools 4 – Latest iTools Download

iTools 4 is the latest iTools version released in late 2017 by the Think Sky. iTools 4 is compatible with the iOS 11.4 released along with the iPhone X in late 2017. iTools 4 is the best alternative application for the iTunes application. Though there is none other than the iTunes media store to be successful in the media selling business, iTunes is terrible as a device management application. It has an interface targeted to only one sector of the iOS device customers, resulting in most of the ordinary users confused and irritated. Therefore, there is a constant search for the device manager alternatives.

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iTools History

iTools was first released in 2011 as an alternative app to iTunes for iPhones. Soon, other iOS device users also started using the iTools as it proved its usefulness in the iOS devices. iTools first release was not much improved and had only the basic functionalities. But over the time it has evolved up to the iTools 4, which is the 4th major upgrade of the iTools application. It has a great range of versatile features, which are included in iTunes as well as some features unique to the iTools. The best feature of iTools is the feature that most users were looking for, the simple easy to learn interface. iTools is implemented in the personal computers. So, some people say that iTools interface is almost like the Windows Explorer Interface, which we can not disagree with either. iTools 4 most recent upgrade was iTools released in June 2018. Now people are anticipating another major improvement in the iTools application, with the release of iOS 12 Beta version on 25th June 2018. The hope is that the next big iTools upgrade will be compatible with iOS 12 as well.

iTools 4 Compatibility

iTools is a desktop device manager. Therefore, it is installed in the personal computers such as Desktops and laptops. There are two separate iTools 4 versions as iTools 4 for Mac and for Windows. Windows iTools 4 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.as well. Mac OS version is compatible with the latest Mac OS version, High Sierra.

iTools 4 Features

iTools 4 has much great application management as well as data management features and utilities. iTools can support the transfer of files between iOS devices and the PC easily and quickly. This is done both by a wired connection as well as a connection over Wi-Fi. The connecting time over the wireless` connection is slower. iTools does not need to jailbreak your iOS device for it to be used with the iTools 4. This is one of the reasons for the high popularity of iTools. iTools gives an additional feature along with the iTools 4, called the iTools Air Player. It is the best media player with a versatile range of features, designed specifically for the iOS devices.

However, iTools is not a freeware. It is a licensed software provided by the ThinkSky Technology for iOS users. Nevertheless, there are many cracked versions of iTools 4 that are available to be downloaded for free along with the cracked activation keys.