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iTools Pro

Let’s get to know iTools Pro

iOS device users constantly look for better alternatives for the default device manager iTunes by the Apple Inc. The best possible solution is iTools Pro. For earlier versions of iTools it was always known as the iTools Pro, but now it is known as just iTools. So, through this article let us talk about iTools Pro for iOS devices.

iTools pro

So Why iTools Pro?

  • Out of all the available options for the device management why go for the iTools Pro? First, let’s see why iTools Pro is better than iTunes.
  • As you all know, iTunes is very effective as a media storage and seller. But it is not much popular in its device management uses because iTunes device manager is more focused on the Advanced user community. The interface is very tricky and confusing.
  • Therefore, iTunes is the best application. Its uses are mainly based on the simple interface more like Windows Explorer interface. Therefore, most of the users dump iTunes and switch to iTools quickly.

iTools Pro Latest Updates

  • iTools Pro was first introduced in 2011, since when there have been many changes in the application.
  • The latest version released is iTools 4 which released with the release of iOS 11 to support that operating system. iTools was released in June 2018 and it has many improved features.
  • One of the most recent iTools features includes the Virtual Location provided in support of the modern gaming requirements.

iTools Device Support

  • All the latest versions of iOS including iOS 11.4.1 up to the iOS 6 early versions are supported by the iTools pro. All the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads with above OS are therefore supported.
  • iTools Pro comes in two versions as iTools Pro for Windows and Mac. This supports most of the latest Windows and Mac OS versions.

Feature Highlights of iTools Pro latest version

  • Media Files can be transferred to and from the iOS device and the personal computer very easily and quickly through a physical or wireless connection.
  • iTools Media Files backup and restore feature to save all your media files in one location and to restore them when needed.
  • iTools Pro can manage the contacts in the device and Send text messages from the phone through the iTools application.
  • An iTools feature of controlling the Battery usage is iTools Battery Master. It can manage the battery usage by applications, charging of the phone and the battery lifetime details.
  • iTools Ringtone Maker to customize the ringtones from your favorite iTunes.
  • iTools Application Manager to set up and control the install and uninstall of other applications. Further, it provides facilities to customize the application icons in the iPhone.
  • These are only some of the activities done by the iTools Pro application in managing your iOS device.

Is it free to download?

iTools Pro is not a free application. You must purchase the application from the developer, ThinkSky Technology to get the license key for the product activation. ITools Pro is free to be used for the rest of the application lifetime with free upgrades and online support provided.

iTools Pokémon Go 2018

Using iTools Pokémon Go spoof

iTools Pokémon Go spoof is not very popular among the iOS users, but it is a ban proof way of hacking your game using the third – party application called the iTools. iTools Pokémon Go is a few – stepped process that can be easily achieved with the iTools application installed on the Mac or Windows computer of yours. Virtual location feature of iTools is used for the iTools Pokémon Go spoof.

iTools Pokemon go

Virtual location feature of iTools was there in iTools 4 for a long period of time but was only advertised by the ThinkSky Technologies with the recent upgrade of the application, iTools Since then many people did not know about this easy iTools Pokémon Go hacking trick.

iTools Download

Pokémon Go is the famous game which uses your GPS location to catch Pokémon in various locations around yours. But this can be a tiring game of walking around for hours if you are really into playing the game seriously. There are several tricks to hack the game, but most are banned. For Mac computer users using XCode to hack is much popular. Through this article, we will see how to use iTools Pokémon Go spoof.

Supported Devices

  • The application used here is iTools 4. iTools 4 is naturally used as a device manager for the iOS devices. But today we will see the gaming use of iTools.
  • iTools come in two different versions as iTools for Mac and iTools for Windows.
  • Supported Windows version includes Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc.
  • Supported Mac versions include the latest Mac OS version, High Sierra.
  • iTools support all the latest iOS versions including iOS 11.4.1. Therefore, it even supports the iPhone X which is still the latest iPhone released.

How to use iTools Pokémon Go hack?

First, you must install the setup you can download from the iTools official website that belongs to the developer. You can either purchase or find the cracked version form any other provider.

  • Once the installation is complete, run the application.
  • Go to the Toolbox icon on the top of the menu bar.
  • There you will see the icon Virtual Location.
  • First, the device should be connected to the application.
  • Once you click on the virtual location, iOS Developer Mode will be activated.
  • Make sure you do not have Pokémon Go running in the background.
  • Now a map will load in the background of the hometown area.
  • Select the most popular areas you want to be from the map.
  • Select Move Here. Then your location will be set to the selected location.
  • If you click Stop Simulation, you will immediately go back to the original location. Make sure you don’t do that while playing.
  • Open the Game.
  • Now where ever you want to move in the game can be selected in the Map of iTools to move to that place easily.


Is it Ban proof?

So far, this technique is ban proof. Therefore, you can still use iTools Pokémon Go hack.

iTools Free Download – 2018

An introduction to iTools free download

If you are an iOS user desperately searching for a better way than iTunes to manage your iDevice, then drop everything! There’s no need to look any further! The iTools free download is the perfect alternative to help handle your iDevice with half the hassle and double the features. To put it simply, iTools free download is an easy-to-use application designed specifically for supporting the management of iOS devices.

iTools free download

The iTools application is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and is also compatible with the latest iOS release, iOS 11.4. iTools free download also allows you to handle all different kinds of media on your iDevice such as images, audios, texts, videos, pdf and many more, all while charging you with a grand total of $0.00. In other words, it’s completely free! The latest release of iTools, v4.26, commonly known as iTools 4, is readily available on the iTools official website and is fully compatible with most iDevices like your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The iTools free download is not just another alternative application running stale on the market, it’s one of the best iDevice management tools available and it’s certainly worth your time finding out a little bit more about it!

The newest addition – iTools 4

As mentioned before, the latest version of the iTools free download, iTools 4 is readily available for download on the iTools official website and is literally chock full of new features and tools. The improved user interface and navigation controls coupled with all the extra upgrades definitely make iTools out to be an attractive offer. Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent features and additions that appear to have caught user attention this time around.


  • New backup and restoration features
  • iTools 4 Ringtone Maker
  • New and improved iTools Battery Master
  • iTools AirPlayer


  • File Manager Tool
  • Data Migration Tool
  • Image Tool
  • iTools Icon arranger

Why iTools free download?

It’s true that even at first glance, it is quite clear that iTools come equipped with a range of modernized tools and features each of which have been designed for the sole purpose of creating satisfactory user experiences when handling iDevices through PC. However, even the overwhelming performance of iTools free download may not be enough to convince some users that iTools are the best available tool for the job. So here’s a list of some of the reasons as to why exactly you should pick iTools free download as your iDevice manager.

First, iTools is readily available to all iOS users free of charge and can be easily downloaded from the official website.
Secondly, iTools free download is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS as well as iOS 11.4. You don’t need to jailbreak your iDevice to get iTools 4. It’s the best iPhone transfer software for PC available to date. The user-friendly interface and fast and simple navigation controls are definitely a plus point. iTools free download has tons of new features and tools that assist in managing your iDevice efficiently. Already having iTools on your iDevice can be helpful when setting up the iOS 11.4 system update.

Finally ready to get iTools free download onto your device? Bear in mind though, there are certain restrictions and compatibility issues when it comes to this task. Keep reading this article to find out what they are!

Compatible iDevices for iTools free download


iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus


iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro

iPod Touch:

iPod touch (1-6 generation)

Note: All iDevices should be on iOS 7 or higher to ensure complete functionality.

System and Hardware requirements

The following specifications pertain to your PC or any other non-iOS device which you may be used to manage your iDevice through iTools free download.

OS – Windows (32 bit or 64 bit) 8.1/8/7/10/Vista or Mac- OS X 10.8 and above.
CPU – 750 MHz AMD, Intel
Disk Space – 40 MB

Note: Make sure to also have the latest version of iTunes installed onto your device as you will need to set up iTools free download onto your PC.

Developer Credits

iTools free download is developed and distributed by ThinkSky Technology. The latest version, iTools 4 was publicly released in July 2017 and we thank ThinkSky Technology for their efforts and also express our gratitude towards their decision t share their application with all iOS users without restriction.

iTools iPhone – Latest iTools 4

iTools for iPhone X with iOS 11.4

iPhone was first introduced in 2007 by the Apple Inc. Since then there have been many revisions of the product up to the latest iPhone X. iPhone X was introduced in late 2017 with the latest iOS 11 supporting it. iTools is an application which stays up to date with the latest iOS versions and it catches up with the iOS quickly. For example, the iTools version to support the iOS 11.4 has already been released. iTools is a very useful application, which seeks out by many iPhone users. This is because of the versatile range of features offered by the iTools as well as the mere simplicity of the application. iTools come it two separate versions as the iTools for Windows and iTools for Mac. iTools for Windows can support Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 etc. iTools for Mac can support all the latest versions of the Mac OS. iTools iPhone version was the first version of iTools. But, soon as the release of the iTools iPhone version it became popular among other iOS device users as well such as iPods and iPads etc.

iTools 4 iPhone

So, what is iTools iPhone?

iTools iPhone is the best device management application an iOS device can have. iTools was introduced by the Think Sky technologies to replace the default device management application in the iOS devices. As we all know, the default device and media manager of the iOS devices is the iTunes. iTunes is a very essential application for all the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods etc. This is because it is essential in handling other applications and all types of media files in the iOS devices. There are many uses of the iTunes. iTunes was first started as an online music store that was owned by the Apple Inc. But later it evolved into a media platform for all types of media and other applications. Now it is one of the major parts of an iPhone. iTunes though is very useful, can be very frustrating for the most users. This is because the interface of the iTunes not being very user-friendly. Therefore, before the iTools introduction, people were much bothered by the complexity of the iTunes in handling their day to day activities.

On the other hand, iTools has the solutions to all these issues. Not only it has the best features essential for a device manager, but also the most user – friendly interface is seen in the iTools. The interface is more like Windows Explorer interface, than an iOS interface. The latest version of iTools is iTools 4. iTools 4 is purchasable through the Think Sky Technology website or there are many cracked versions of the application found through the internet.

iTools iPhone is the best media handling application for the device as well. It can transfer your files from the desktop to the iOS device and vice versa very easily. Further, the media files in the iOS devices can be saved into the desktop computers and can be restored when needed. Further, many more improved features are seen in iTools 4 latest version.

iTools 4 License Key 1 And 2

iTools Crack + license key 1 and 2

Step by step iTools 4 license key 1 and 2 download and activation.

You have to first of all download the package including the Setup for iTools 4 license key 1 and 2  released in 2018 and the product’s cracked activation key from the below link. First click on the link, then download the file. It is about 24 MB of size. If you get a zipped file, right click on the folder, and give the Extract Here command. https://www.itoolsdownload.co/itools-4.html

See figure 1.1 and your website must look like that.

Figure 1.1 –iTools 4 license key 1 and 2, Download page (Scroll down and click on the ‘Free Download icon’)

After the download is complete then you have to install the product first.Now you have the setup and the cracked key in this folder. So, then we have to begin the installation process and this may take a while. Open the file folder you have downloaded. It may look like the figure 1.2. You will find the installation setup and the crack key of the product.

Figure 1.2 – iTools 4 license key 1 and 2, the Downloaded file must have two parts as shown here

Then you can start the installation process by double-clicking on the setup icon. This will start the installation. First, the set up will start to unpack your data and it may take two to three minutes. The time expended will vary greatly upon the performances of your computer, therefore you have to be patient if it takes a bit longer than usual.Then the installation window will pop up just as shown in image 1.3. You have to begin the installation by giving Next.

Figure 1.3 –iTools 4 license key 1 and 2, installation window of iTools

You have to give a series of Next commands before the setup finishes up installation. First, you have to agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on ‘I Agree’. Then the installation will commence and complete in about two minutes.At the end of the setup check the ‘Run iTools’ checkbox and click ‘Finish’.Then your iTools Application will start running. iTools is a bit slow application, so it will load slowly on a low-performance computer.Then it will automatically start installing Drivers.

Figure 1.4 –iTools 4 license key 1 and 2, Driver installation

When it’s finished you will see the Window instructing you to connect your mobile device. On the top right corner click on the ‘Activate’ button. You will see that the product is not yet activated and that you are using the trial version just as shown in Figure 1.5. Your usage limits are also indicated here.


Figure 1.5 –iTools 4 license key 1 and 2, You have the trial version now.

Then let’s activate the product. Right-click on the desktop icon of iTools and give ‘Open file location’.Then open Crack folder you downloaded. Copy the .exe file and paste in the file opened a while ago by the Windows Explorer, which is the location of your installed iTools You will get a Popup window. Give ‘Copy and Replace’ in that window and continue.Now close the iTools application and restart the application. Go to ‘About’ in the menu in the top right corner. You will see that the product is activated.

iTools Download Latest

iTools Download Latest Version available now for iOS users

Get the iTools Download Latest Version on your computer and start using it. If you already have an old iTools version on your pc then upgrade it to the latest version and enjoy the new features of the iTools. The application is upgraded by fixing old application bug and added new features for the iOS users.The iTools Download Latest Version is already proven its ability to provide the best service to the users. We can see its popularity by looking at the number of downloads and rating on the application download sites. The iTools has been downloaded millions of iOS users from all around the globe. It is giving extraordinary experience to the users. The iTools has received thousands of positive rating from the users, and it is stable at 4+ average rating on the app download sites. This shows people are satisfied with the features and giving a great experience to the users.

Latest features of the iTools app:

App management: This is the feature that more useful for the iOS users. The app enables you to connect your device to the computer and mirror the current device screen on the computer screen. What does this do is it gives you the ability to access your device screen on the big computer monitor. The app will be interactive with your input. You can use the mouse to operate your iPhone or iPad screen on the computer. The features are useful for re-arranging your current device screen by moving the application into a folder or deleting it completely to create space on your device. Over the period, the iOS device becomes cluttered with the new application. You phone screen start looking awful, so it is better that you start optimizing it by removing an unwanted application from your device and clean the space.

Ringtone maker: The ringtone maker is another interesting feature you will find in the iTools Download Latest Version of application. As the name indicates, the feature is good for creating the new ringtone by using existing mp3 files. It gives you the experience to modify the mp3 file according to your need and shape the song as per your need. You can make the new ringtone every day and keep it as your active ringtone on the device to surprise your listener. It is a creative app that gives you extra advantage of making your personal ringtone.

Share Music: The sharing music becomes very easy with the iTools Download Latest Version application. You can easily share the music from one iTools app to another by using wifi internet facility. Both the iTools application sync together and bridge the connection for file sharing. The transfer speed of the iTools application will be very quick. You will get a seamless experience from the share music feature. Now you no need to connect the device to your computer for music transfer. It can be done wirelessly.

Conclusion: iTools Download Latest Version has many advanced features for the iOS users. Download it today and start experiencing it by yourself.