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iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2

Absolutely the iTools works with the iOS 12.1.2 The iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2 variation is recently upgraded by the iTools group to have the most effective iOS handling experience to the Apple customers with the most recent launch of iOS 12.1.2. iOS 12.1.2 can be run as an updated variation of iPad, iPhone or iPod as well as the iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2 is able to manage every one of the designs of iDevices which are running the iOS 12.1.2. The iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2 obtained the capability to handle iPhone X as well as the iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus with a recent update.

iTools iOS 12.1.2

iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2

Because various other options are not excellent options for iTunes, iTools is understood as the best alternative for iTunes. The iTools 4 iOS 12 stay clear of most of the drawbacks of iTunes as I stated listed below.

What iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2 can do even more than iTunes?

The iTools is a lightweight and basic application which needs less amount of power resources to execute on iPhone handling. On the various another hand, the iTools is only doing the task of managing iOS data. The iTools 4 iOS version is not doing any type of kind of advertising campaign with the iTools.

Why iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2?

The iTools can handle all kind of iPhone information such as pictures, video clips, sound, podcasts, flicks, PDF, text files and also etc. also the iTools has the drag and also decline feature for copy and also relocate files between the iDevice and the computer. So you do not need any kind of kind of exporting or importing techniques to share data on iOS-based tools. The other fact needs to take into consideration is the iTools iOS 12.1.2 variation information movement device. The information migration to permits customers to share data in between two Apple iPhone in order to make a complete information sharing. If you need to share your old iPhone, iPad information to the new Apple iPhone or iPad, the iTools iOS 12.1.2 information movement device is the optimal approach to do that.

Features of iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2

The file explorer is the main attribute of iTools 4. You can watch, modify, move or remove any of folder and files with the iTools file traveler device. Ringtone maker is an impressive tool and also it is a most popular device of iTools.

How to download iTools 4 iOS 12.1.2

You can download the iTools newest version of the iTools official web site. Select your installer according to your os. If you have Windows PC, download the iTools for Windows and if you have Macintosh PC make sure to download and install the iTools for Mac version.

Latest iTools Update [ 2019 ] – iTools 4 Download Free

iOS is one of the major reason why people love Apple. And people love iOS because there are so many new things and Apple uses their latest technology to update iOS as well. Anyhow there are thousands of different tool compatible with iOS, developed by different developers all around the world and today we are going to talk about one of them.

iTools is one of the best file management software for iOS developed by ThinkSky. In other words, it’s the best alternative for iTunes. ThinkSky released their latest iTools version iTools 4 in the recent past so in this article, we are going to talk about iTools 4 and the best ways to iTools 4 Download as well. Before we heading to iTools 4 Download, let’s talk a bit about iTools first.

Everything You Need to Know About iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download is a file managing software for iOS developed by ThinkSky. As we all know, since the beginning of the iOS there was only one file manager for iOS and it was iTunes and we have already used iTunes on our iDevices as well. But iTunes has some certain issues that users get stuck in and I have mentioned them below.

  • iTunes need high memory and performance to run and as a result of that most of the times when we run iTunes devices getting slower or sometimes get stuck as well.
  • iTunes is mainly based on marketing and advertising. So while using iTunes you have to face so many advertisements as well.

As a result of these problems, people start to look for any other file manager for iOS instead of iTunes and that’s the place ThinkSky came up with the best solution for above matters iTools and it was 100% satisfied the users as well.

Advantages of iTools 4 Download

  • First and the best advantage is iTools 4 Download is an offline tool. So you can manage your files without using the internet as well.
  • iTools is and very simple, user-friendly software and anyone can use iTools 4 without having any guidance.
  • iTools 4 Download allows you to manage almost every type of file in your iDevice including Audio, Video and every type of a Document.
  • iTools supports both Windows and MAC OS. So you can iTools 4 Download in both types of devices and manage your files easily.
  • You can download iTools 4 for 100% free of charge.
  • It also includes Backup and restores functions which helps you to save your valuable files without having any issue.

Best Way to iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download is not that hard as you think. There are so many ways to download iTools for free and you can find those methods by simply searching in your web browser. iTools 4 is a very lite software and it won’t take huge space in your hard disk and it has very simple installation process so you can download and install iTools 4 without having any guidance as well.

iTools for Windows 10 – Latest Download [ Free ]

Initially, all iDevice customers handle their iOS making use of official iTunes by default. It has advanced functions which aid you to obtain always the meaningful iPhone monitoring procedure. Today we have the best alternative to iTunes that are bored with using iTunes iPhone management. iTools is a great invention has been released to the general public by the ThinkSky group. It has actually been a prominent iPhone administration tool among iDevice customers and also most of the iDevice customers obtain an utmost management experience. iTools for Windows 10 is a presenting term by means of this write-up. If you would like to know more concerning iTools for Windows 10 follow this stunning guide with a smooth process.

iTools for Windows 10

Concerning iTools

As I pointed out prior to iTools can transfer any kind of sort of data like songs, video, image, papers, calls, messages and etc in addition to manage your iDevice. By now you have the capacity to utilize iTools for Mac, Apple watch and also Windows computers as well. It will be a terrific advantage that is expecting to collaborate with iTools. Anyhow, we are most likely to review iTools for Windows 10 Most of the iDevice customers using this iTools most current variation to handle this Windows 10 operating system and iTools 4 is the latest variation designed for iOS 11 chapter. ITools r has some stunning functions consisting of major Features.

Super Features of iTools for Windows 10

If you desire to manage your gadget via iTools using Windows 10 iTools is the finest compatible application software to your tool. As iTools most recent variations like AirPlayer, Battery master, image tool, data migration, file supervisor are some of them. You have the capability to make use of AirPlayer function as a separate application to your tool also. So if you use this iTools as soon as you will truly fall for iTools. Let’s see what are the best features of iTools using adhering to points.

  • You can create your own ringtone making use of Ringtone manufacturer.
  • You can move all types of file layouts using Data migration.
  • Save your battery life with help of Battery master function.
  • Picture tool helps to execute even more using albums.
  • You have the ability to experience the massive display with iTools Airplayer.
  • Super backup and also restore function can save your data.
  • Icon arranger aids to change your residence display.

How To Download iTools for Windows 10

Download iTools for Windows 10 is not made complex that you can start your process with no concerns. Following the guideline will assist you to download iTools to your Windows computer with efficient and effective.

  • Browse iTools brand-new variation iTools and also install guidelines. (Mac or Windows).
  • Open the downloaded tool in the new home window.
  • Use appropriate USB and link your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wait until identifying your device.
  • Click on Apps that appear in the food selection.
  • Click mount switch bottom side of the application.
  • Get the IPA data utilizing an application to finish iTools setup.

Hope you will certainly download this application using an official site as well as handle your tool in a far better fashion with presenting attributes.

Many of the iDevice individuals utilizing this iTools latest version to handle this Windows 10 operating system as well as iTools 4 is the most recent variation developed for iPhone 11 chapter. ITools r has some stunning functions including significant Features.

If you want to manage your tool via iTools utilizing Windows 10 iTools is the best compatible application software program to your tool. If you use this iTools as soon as you will actually drop in love with iTools. Let’s see what are the finest functions of iTools using the following factors.

iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download Tips

iTools 4 Download

iTools 4 Download is possible through major ways. One is the official iTools 4 Download through the site of the developer by paying an initial licensing fee to buy the two license keys of the iTools 4. This is the most ethical and the legal way of iTools 4 Download since the copyrights of the developer are not violated and the user ethics are kept in place. There is, of course, the cracked iTools 4 Download as well which is made available by many providers on the Internet. This iTools 4 Download is completely or almost free of charge. Therefore, you do not have to pay any licensing fee for the cracked iTools 4 Download. Once the setup is downloaded through the official website of the developer, it is possible to activate the trial version of the application through the cracked license key of the iTools 4. Some cracked versions provide another small application called a keygen to generate the activation keys for the trial version of iTools 4.

iTools 4 Download

It is not very different to have the licensed or the unlicensed iTools 4 Download once you have activated the product. Therefore, there are some highlight features in iTools which enable the users with the maximum user experience such as,

  • Free lifetime upgrades to the application done automatically.
  • Free technical support for the users worldwide.
  • The application is provided in many different languages. The two main languages in use are Chines and English versions of iTools 4.
  • Two separate versions for iTools 4 Download, for the different operating systems. The two operating systems that are supported by are Windows Operating System and Mac operating system. Therefore, there are two versions as,
  1. iTools 4 for Windows
  2. iTools 4 for Mac

What is iTools 4 Download?

iTools is a desktop application designed for the management of iOS mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Therefore, it is an alternative to the default iOS device manager iTunes. iTunes is an application and a media store owned by the Apple Inc. iTunes media store is a very popular application. But the same cannot be said about the iTunes device manager. It has a bit complex interface with a set of controls designed for the advanced user community. Therefore, the users try to look for better alternatives all the time.

So far, the best possible alternative is the iTools. It is not a free solution. but the money would be well spent on iTools because it makes the life of the iOS device users much easier. It contains a very simple interface and a series of many unique features to manage the iOS mobile devices through the PC.

Latest versions of iTools

iTools was first introduced in around 2010 and ever since it has been evolving with the new iOS versions and the new user requirements. The latest version of iTools is iTools 4 released in late 2017 along with the iOS 11 and the iPhone X. There have been many changes in that as well up to the most recent iTools 4 Download available as iTools

iTools – Download iTools Latest Update | iTools 4

Use iTools 4 – It’s the best there is!

iOS device management is primarily supported by the iTunes application and it allows you to interface and manage your iDevice through your PC. However, what many users often state is that they find the limitations and the difficulty in usage as well as the potential risk of data loss extremely off-putting when it comes using iTunes to manage their device. If you are an iOS user who feels the same way, well then, not to worry! iTools 4 is the solution to all your problems.


iTools Download

The iTools application is a free software that allows you to handle all kinds of media content such as images, videos, audios, texts, contacts, and pdf on your iDevice through your PC, for free. The app is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and includes all kinds of great features and functionalities that make it the perfect alternative to iTunes that we’ve all been looking for!


The iTools download is one of the best iDevice manager tools available today and to top it all off it is completely free. There are paid versions that include more functionalities, but for a basic user, the free trial version is more than enough to satisfy your needs. Also, one of the major plus points of this application is that you don’t need to jailbreak your device to install it. Setting up iTools is easy and it’s easy to use too. The app is filled with simple interfaces and clear navigation panels that make sure that even the most novice user is guided through the app with relative ease.

Another important factor that has been influencing the application’s growing popularity is the fact that you don’t need to synchronize your device in the same way that you would need to do with iTunes. With iTunes, one of its major drawbacks was the fact that there was a high possibility of experiencing data losses during transfers via iTunes syncing. Thankfully, this is not the case with iTools as it allows more secure transfers without data loss and also provides an overall speedier performance.

The latest version of the iTools application was released in 2017 and came inclusive with tons of great features and new tools that also contributed to the application’s better performance. Some of these features include,

  • Battery Master Tool
  • File Manager Tool
  • Data Migration Tool
  • iTools AirPlayer
  • Backup and restore features
  • Ringtone Maker
  • Image Tool

Installing the iTools download on your device

Compatibility issues

The iTools application comes inclusive with a certain system and hardware requirements that should be fulfilled in order to set up the app on your device. Please note that these requirements extend only to your PC and that the app is available for all models of iOS devices available to date.

The system and hardware requirements are as follows,

  • OS – Windows (32 bit or 64 bit) 8.1/8/7/10/Vista or Mac- OS X 10.8 and above.
  • CPU – 750 MHz AMD, Intel
  • Disk Space – 40 MB

Setting up

Step 1: Visit the official iTools website and download the application.
Step 2: Install and run it.
Step 3: Connect your iOS device to your PC using a proper USB cable and wait for the app to recognize your device.

If you are successful in setting up the application, then you should be redirected to the iTools home-screen as soon as your device is recognized.

Developer Credits

The iTools application is developed and distributed by ThinkSky Technology and we express our gratitude toward ThinkSky for making this valuable application available for all iOS users.

Download iTools Latest Version

Download iTools – Best Alternative iDevice Manager

Through the official website of the developer, you can Download iTools for all your iOS devices. Download iTools users must pay a licensing fee with which you can activate the trial version of the iTools application. But if you want to Download iTools for free, then you can very easily find a cracked version of the iTools to be downloaded through many websites on the Internet.

Download iTools

iTools is the best alternative as advertised by them for the management of the iOS devices. In fact, it is true that it is way better to Download iTools than to use iOS default device manager, iTunes. iTunes is famous as a media store owned by the Apple Inc. But additionally, it is a Device manager as well. But it is not much popular as a device manager due to the complex user interface designed for the Advanced user community.

iTools Download

Therefore, download iTools for the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads to use it as the very simple device manager application. iTools consist of all the versatile features included in the iTunes device manager plus some more advanced features to manage your device perfectly. Further iTools has the easiest to use interface which is simple and user-friendly.

Highlight features of iTools download for iOS devices

iTools come in two different versions as iTools for Windows and iTools for Mac. Both these have the same set of features with the difference of pc compatibility.

Features in iTools 4 include,

  • Media file transfer among iOS devices and the personal computer.
  • Media files are transferred wirelessly or through a cabled connection which is faster.
  • During the transfers occurring in the background, Battery and memory usage of the iOS device is Minimum.
  • Backup and restore of the media files, photos, Documents etc.
  • Super Backup and restore of the iOS devices.
  • iTools media file converter to convert files to MP3, MP4 formats.
  • iTools ringtone maker to customize any song.
  • iTools 4 Battery Master features many Battery related options for the iOS devices.
  • Virtual Location feature to fake the GPS location is shown by the iOS devices.

Developer Think Sky Technology

iTools was developed in 2011 by the Software development group known as ThinkSky Technologies. There have been many updates to the application since it was developed. The latest version of iTools released in June 2018 is iTools which is also available to be downloaded by the official site of the developers of the iTools. iTools AirPlayer is also downloadable through the same website since it is also developed by the ThinkSky Technologies.

Download iTools for free

Cracked version of the iTools 4 is available to Download iTools for free and it is very simple. iTools full crack provides to Download iTools with the setup and the cracked license key together to install and activate the iTools setup. Further, you can download iTools cracked license key or keygen to activate the trial version of the iTools application.

iTools AirPlayer Download

iTools AirPlayer Download Guide

iTools AirPlayer is the best media player you can have in the iOS devices for the best media playing experience. iTools AirPlayer Download is possible through the application developer, Think Sky Technology. iTools AirPlayer Download is not free, you must pay a small licensing fee if you get iTools AirPlayer Download without the iTools main application. iTools AirPlayer Download is provided free of charge when you purchase and download the iTools application. After the initial licensing the application is free for the rest of the lifetime. Further, along with the iTools AirPlayer Download, the free technical support guide is given to the customer. But there are cracked versions of iTools AirPlayer Download which enables the users to download the trial version and activate the application. But this, in fact, is a copyright infringement of the developers of iTools AirPlayer.

iTools Airplayer

iTools AirPlayer Compatibility

iTools AirPlayer is designed for the personal computers running with Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Therefore, iTools and AirPlayer both are compatible with the,

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS – High Sierra and earlier versions.

iTools can work with iOS devices only. Therefore, it is a media player specified for the iOS devices. iOS support provided by the application includes all the latest versions of iOS 11 up to 11.4.1 and earlier versions of iOS up to iOS 06.

iTools Download

Recent Changes in iTools AirPlayer?

iTools Air Player is closely related with the upgrades of the iTools. The latest upgrade of iTools is iTools 4 and iTools AirPlayer also changed with the features and upgrades of iTools 4. The features such as Screen Mirroring and Screen recording in the new AirPlayer is much improved than the iTools 3 AirPlayer.

iTools Air Player Features

  • Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is a unique feature in AirPlayer which enables the users to project their screen to the Screen on the office or any other social event or to sync the big screen to the iOS screen.
With Screen Mirroring you can enjoy a family gathering by sharing your photos, watching movies extra through the iOS device.

  • Screen Recording

Screen recording feature allows real-time screen recordings of anything you do with the PC or the iOS device. This is a very useful feature. It allows creating Application Demonstrations, record Games etc.

  • Streaming

Live Streaming is provided by the application to the users so that they can do live video streaming to YouTube and other such media.

What are the features that require Jailbreaking?

Some of the features in the iTools AirPlayer Download requires Jailbreaking. These are not independent applications. They require some third-party applications for this. One is Remote Control feature. For this, you need to work with iTools AirPlayer and Veency at the same time. Once jailbroken the device can be controlled remotely with iTools AirPlayer and Veency.

But for all the general purpose applications of the iTools AirPlayer Download, you do not require a jailbroken device or nor to jailbreak your iOS device.

iTools Pro

Let’s get to know iTools Pro

iOS device users constantly look for better alternatives for the default device manager iTunes by the Apple Inc. The best possible solution is iTools Pro. For earlier versions of iTools it was always known as the iTools Pro, but now it is known as just iTools. So, through this article let us talk about iTools Pro for iOS devices.

iTools pro

So Why iTools Pro?

  • Out of all the available options for the device management why go for the iTools Pro? First, let’s see why iTools Pro is better than iTunes.
  • As you all know, iTunes is very effective as a media storage and seller. But it is not much popular in its device management uses because iTunes device manager is more focused on the Advanced user community. The interface is very tricky and confusing.
  • Therefore, iTunes is the best application. Its uses are mainly based on the simple interface more like Windows Explorer interface. Therefore, most of the users dump iTunes and switch to iTools quickly.

iTools Pro Latest Updates

  • iTools Pro was first introduced in 2011, since when there have been many changes in the application.
  • The latest version released is iTools 4 which released with the release of iOS 11 to support that operating system. iTools was released in June 2018 and it has many improved features.
  • One of the most recent iTools features includes the Virtual Location provided in support of the modern gaming requirements.

iTools Device Support

  • All the latest versions of iOS including iOS 11.4.1 up to the iOS 6 early versions are supported by the iTools pro. All the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads with above OS are therefore supported.
  • iTools Pro comes in two versions as iTools Pro for Windows and Mac. This supports most of the latest Windows and Mac OS versions.

Feature Highlights of iTools Pro latest version

  • Media Files can be transferred to and from the iOS device and the personal computer very easily and quickly through a physical or wireless connection.
  • iTools Media Files backup and restore feature to save all your media files in one location and to restore them when needed.
  • iTools Pro can manage the contacts in the device and Send text messages from the phone through the iTools application.
  • An iTools feature of controlling the Battery usage is iTools Battery Master. It can manage the battery usage by applications, charging of the phone and the battery lifetime details.
  • iTools Ringtone Maker to customize the ringtones from your favorite iTunes.
  • iTools Application Manager to set up and control the install and uninstall of other applications. Further, it provides facilities to customize the application icons in the iPhone.
  • These are only some of the activities done by the iTools Pro application in managing your iOS device.

Is it free to download?

iTools Pro is not a free application. You must purchase the application from the developer, ThinkSky Technology to get the license key for the product activation. ITools Pro is free to be used for the rest of the application lifetime with free upgrades and online support provided.

iTools Pokémon Go 2018

Using iTools Pokémon Go spoof

iTools Pokémon Go spoof is not very popular among the iOS users, but it is a ban proof way of hacking your game using the third – party application called the iTools. iTools Pokémon Go is a few – stepped process that can be easily achieved with the iTools application installed on the Mac or Windows computer of yours. Virtual location feature of iTools is used for the iTools Pokémon Go spoof.

iTools Pokemon go

Virtual location feature of iTools was there in iTools 4 for a long period of time but was only advertised by the ThinkSky Technologies with the recent upgrade of the application, iTools Since then many people did not know about this easy iTools Pokémon Go hacking trick.

iTools Download

Pokémon Go is the famous game which uses your GPS location to catch Pokémon in various locations around yours. But this can be a tiring game of walking around for hours if you are really into playing the game seriously. There are several tricks to hack the game, but most are banned. For Mac computer users using XCode to hack is much popular. Through this article, we will see how to use iTools Pokémon Go spoof.

Supported Devices

  • The application used here is iTools 4. iTools 4 is naturally used as a device manager for the iOS devices. But today we will see the gaming use of iTools.
  • iTools come in two different versions as iTools for Mac and iTools for Windows.
  • Supported Windows version includes Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc.
  • Supported Mac versions include the latest Mac OS version, High Sierra.
  • iTools support all the latest iOS versions including iOS 11.4.1. Therefore, it even supports the iPhone X which is still the latest iPhone released.

How to use iTools Pokémon Go hack?

First, you must install the setup you can download from the iTools official website that belongs to the developer. You can either purchase or find the cracked version form any other provider.

  • Once the installation is complete, run the application.
  • Go to the Toolbox icon on the top of the menu bar.
  • There you will see the icon Virtual Location.
  • First, the device should be connected to the application.
  • Once you click on the virtual location, iOS Developer Mode will be activated.
  • Make sure you do not have Pokémon Go running in the background.
  • Now a map will load in the background of the hometown area.
  • Select the most popular areas you want to be from the map.
  • Select Move Here. Then your location will be set to the selected location.
  • If you click Stop Simulation, you will immediately go back to the original location. Make sure you don’t do that while playing.
  • Open the Game.
  • Now where ever you want to move in the game can be selected in the Map of iTools to move to that place easily.


Is it Ban proof?

So far, this technique is ban proof. Therefore, you can still use iTools Pokémon Go hack.

iTools for iOS 12

The iTools latest version was released in June 2018 as iTools This version contained many improved features that were not seen in its earlier version, iTools 3. iTools 4 had the compatibility to work with iOS 11.4. It is the latest iOS version released so far. But the 12th version of the iOS, iOS 12 was announced on June 4th, 2018 and released its beta version on 26th June 2018. Therefore, people expect to see the real iOS 12 in around early September with the next product launch of the Apple Inc. You can now download the iOS 12 developer beta or the iOS public beta. But the stability of these versions is not guaranteed. Developer version is more likely to get updates than public beta. There are still debates about the iTools for iOS 12. Many people believe that there may be a major iTools upgrade soon as the iTools for iOS 12. Apple has provided many great features with the iOS 12 upgrade. But up to now there is no information of any improvement suppose to happen in the iOS 12 proper release at least.

iTools for iOS 12

So even after iOS 12 is released we would then need iTools for iOS 12. Usually, iTools come up with the latest upgrades to enhance the performances of the iTools and to be compatible with each new iOS version. Therefore, for iOS 12 also the next big upgrade expected will be iTools for iOS 12. So, hopefully, even after the next big update, we will be able to use iTools for iOS 12 in the Windows computers and Mac computers easily to manage your iOS 12 devices as well, Therefore, we will have to be a bit patient for the next major update to use in new iOS 12 version. People who already have installed iOS beta version can try to use iTools for their device, but since even the OS itself is not stable yet, we do not recommend experimenting with an incompatible application.

The features that are already in iTools that we expect to be improved in iTools for iOS,

  • Media transfer between the iOS device and personal computers, both Windows and Mac. This can be done connecting via Wi-Fi or across a USB cable only. Further improvements in this feature performance and speed are expected in the next upgrade.
  • iTools Air Player, which is one of the major iconic features of the iTools will also be improved hopefully. Its Screen sharing features are much important.
  • Expected support to migration all types of file formats.
  • Battery manager is expected to provide better management of other applications which consume the battery life in the background as well.
  • Improved connection speed of the devices between the computer and the iOS devices.
  • Improved accessory features such as the iTools Ringtone Maker, iTools device optimizer and so on and so forth.

Soon, the new iOS 12 will reach you soon. Therefore, let’s wait to see the features of proper iOS 12 and hopefully the next real upgrade of iTools as iTools for iOS 12.